1. If you know who Fortan is, you're in This Part of Site.
  2. If you're in This Part of Site, you are working for Jim Cornette
  3. If you deny Jim Cornette, you know him well.
  4. If you say Jim Cornette sucks, you know him VERY well.
  5. If you deny HIWHE's. you are HIWHE.
  6. HIWHE's kill children in "Clockwork Orange"-stylish way.
  7. There are three incidents we must blame for everything: 9/11, Mex and Avery-Lucy Feud.
  8. Fortan is only blamed in personal cases.
  9. If Dave Fandom likes something i've never seen, it sucks.
  10. There is only one way to get out of This Part of Site: FORGIVE.